9860-610 TRICONEX

Based on my search, "9860-610 TRICONEX" likely refers to a specific model of safety instrumented system (SIS) component manufactured by Triconex, a company now part of Baker Hughes.

Here's a breakdown of the information:

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  • 9860-610: This could be a model number or product code assigned by Triconex to this specific component.

  • TRICONEX: This is a brand name associated with safety instrumented systems from Baker Hughes.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS):

SIS are critical industrial control systems designed to automatically shut down a process or equipment when it operates outside of safe parameters. They play a vital role in preventing accidents and protecting personnel, the environment, and equipment in hazardous industrial applications.

Possible component types:

Since "9860-610" doesn't explicitly specify the component type, here are some possibilities within a safety instrumented system:

  • Safety Logic Solver: This is the brain of the SIS, receiving sensor data, analyzing it against safety limits, and initiating safety actions (e.g., tripping relays) if necessary.
  • Safety Input Module: This module interfaces with field sensors in the process, converting their signals into a format usable by the safety logic solver.
  • Safety Output Module: This module receives commands from the safety logic solver and activates safety shutdown elements like valves or trip switches.

Finding more information:


Unfortunately, due to the potentially sensitive nature of safety-related information, it can be difficult to find detailed specifications online. Here are some suggestions for finding more information:

  • Baker Hughes Website:
    • Look for a product catalog or search for "Triconex" on the Baker Hughes

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